Technlogy Consulting

New generation services merging telephony, entertainment and data that run on pure IP networks represent the holy grail of service providers in the communications industry. Components and pilot networks running on NGN architectures are debuting in pockets across the service providersí world.

Our Telecom Practice has successfully executed large co-sourced and outsourced engagements in BSS/OSS Systems Integration, Service/ Subscriber Portals, Analytics and Decision Support, IT consulting, and Application Development & Maintenance across geographies, including Asia Pacific, Europe and North America.

We offer our customers cost advantage, value and assets derived from our Solution Labs, reduced time-to-market, flexibility to engage us for consulting, systems integration or complete solution rollout using various sourcing models.

    Service Offerings
  • Integrated BSS / Billing
  • BSS/Billing platform and consolidation solutions
  • Integrated customer channel portals
  • BSS QA and Management, including new service/products rollout
  • Systems Integration for end-to-end automation (Supply Chain, Accounting, Enterprise Applications, Fraud Management, Portability etc.)
  • Service & Network Assurance
  • NMS platform and consolidation solutions
  • Integrated customer and service assurance
  • Telecom Analytics
  • Service/subscriber operations analytics
  • Customer analytics and intelligence solutions
  • Converged customer and network analytics
  • Next Gen Telco Portals and Platforms
  • Service Creation Portals
  • IP subscriber management and next generation services billing

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