Business Intelligence

High-performance businesses are always seeking new ways to outpace competitors. Business process outsourcing (BPO) provides just such an opportunity. In fact, in today’s economy, more and more business leaders are turning to Infosat Corp. BPO services to help their businesses to do more with less. Infosat Corp. can help businesses hold down overall operating costs through strategic use of BPO services, while helping companies to make the selective investments that will fuel future success.

Infosat Corp.'s comprehensive portfolio of business process outsourcing services includes industry-specific and cross-industry BPO solutions that help our clients achieve rapid and sustainable cost savings, improve cash flow and drive top-line growth.

 Cross-Industry Business Process Outsourcing Services

Customer Contact BPO
Infosat Corp. helps drive high performance by reducing operating costs and capital expenditures while enhancing the customer experience.  

Finance and Accounting BPO
Infosat Corp. helps clients optimize their finance operations, thus improving cash flow and liquidity, which helps drive growth and cutting costs.

Working primarily with larger companies, Infosat Corp. helps improve workforce performance by transforming people management, reducing HR costs and enhancing key functional capabilities.

Learning BPO
Infosat Corp. helps companies drive measurable improvements in business performance by increasing the payback of their learning and talent-management investments.

 Procurement BPO
Lower materials and administrative costs, less risk and rapid, sustainable improvements in procurement performance help support high performance.

 Supply Chain BPO
Infosat Corp. offers a comprehensive range of supply chain BPO services, all designed to enhance competitiveness in today’s connected business environment.

Industry-Specific and Custom Business Process Outsourcing Services 

Business process outsourcing can help companies successfully address the unique challenges associated with their specific industries. Infosat Corp. provides a number of industry-specific BPO services that apply standardized operating models to help companies achieve high performance. Our current offerings include:

Custom BPO
Infosat Corp. Custom BPO Services provides outsourcing solutions for virtually every type of business need.

Health Administration BPO
Infosat Corp. can help health care companies reduce business process costs by up to 50 percent, while meeting or exceeding their commitments to speed, quality and accuracy.

 Insurance BPO
High performance in the insurance industry often means tailored, cost-effective programs that meet customers’ specific needs. Infosat Corp.’s mission is similar: to provide business process outsourcing services that help insurers bring value and security to customers and shareholders.

Navitaire (Airline)
Using innovative, low-cost, flexible technology, Navitaire helps airlines improve business performance and nurture customer relationships.

Utilities BPO
Infosat Corp. is recognized by leading analysts as one of the world’s largest providers of outsourced customer care, technology and business services to utility companies.

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