Board of Directors

The Board meets five times per year. It elects the Chairman of the Board and Officers of the Corporation; monitors the PineApple's programs and services to its sponsors; sets broad policies and objectives; and formally evaluates the Corporation's overall performance each year through functional subcommittees. The Board ensures that the Corporation's resources are managed effectively and in a fiscally responsible way.


  • John Williams - Chairman of the Board
  • John Park Waters - President and Chief Executive Officer
  • George Everette - Vice President for Engineering & Technology
  • Darryl Christopher - Vice President for Outsourcing
  • John Flakes- Vice President for Consulting
  • Julie Wolfe - Treasurer and Vice President for Finance and Administration
  • Forrest Hunt- Secretary
  • Helen Gillis - Assistant Secretary

What's New

Data Mangement
PineApple Research continues to explore exciting directions in database research to address emerging requirements in several new areas including scaling RDBMSs read more...
Visual Design
High Quality Visualization is the process of representing data as descriptive images and, subsequently, interacting with these images read more
Communication & Networking
PineApple Research has had a long history of significant contributions in the field of communications and networking. Our current and past research activities explore wide-ranging issues in signal processing, optical networking, wireless networking, read more